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A Little About Me

As a student of percussion, I have always been fascinated by the sounds instruments produce when struck. I was drawn to the harmonic complexity of the steel pan from the first moment I played one. For over 20 years as a performer, I had the opportunity to collaborate with many of the leading figures in the steel pan community.

The more I played, the more I wanted to understand the mechanics of the instrument, and that curiosity led me to study with my mentor, Ellie Mannette. Ellie, who is considered the father of the modern steel drum, graciously shared with me his unique tuning methods, methods which he refined over 60-plus years as a pioneer in the art form. The warmth and richness of Ellie’s instruments continue to inspire me as a craftsman and tuner.

In 2015 I began a collaboration with Kyle Cox and Pantheon Steel, tuning new Halos from my workshop here in Brussels which continued through mid 2019 when I was forced to take a break from tuning due to an unfortunate and severe shoulder injury.  As I return to tuning I have committed to tuning a limited number of Halos for Pantheon.  I am also in the early stages creating new Handpans with my good friend Olivier Trappaniers here in Brussels.  These new instruments, produced under the name AOS,  mark the next significant step in my work as a tuner and  builder of Handpans.  Stay tuned for more information about AOS.
My background as a steel pan tuner informs my appreciation for and approach to working with the handpan. The steel pan and handpan share a unique resonance, harmonic richness, and sonic complexity that holds fascination for me now as it did the first day I played a pan.